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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2018-07-13 Mesa Air Group, Inc. Phoenix, AZ $150.0 mil.
 A regional air carrier
2018-07-13 Urovant Sciences Ltd. London, UNITED KINGDOM $150.0 mil.
 A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company
2018-07-11 CNFinance Holdings Ltd. Guangzhou City, CHINA $200.0 mil.
 A leading home equity loan service provider in China
2018-07-09 Vaccinex, Inc. Rochester, NY $46.0 mil.
 A clinical-stage biotechnology company
2018-07-06 Sonos Inc Santa Barbara, CA $100.0 mil.
 Provides wireless multi-room home audio.
2018-07-06 Forum Merger II Corp New York, NY $230.0 mil.
 A newly organized blank check company
2018-07-06 Arlo Technologies, Inc. San Jose, CA $100.0 mil.
 Combines an intelligent cloud infrastructure and mobile app with a variety of smart connected devices
2018-07-05 Tottenham Acquisition I Ltd Hong Kong, HONG KONG $40.0 mil.
 A British Virgin Islands company incorporated as a blank check company
2018-06-29 PeerStream, Inc. New York, NY $5.00 mil.
 A global internet solutions provider pioneering the real-world adoption of emerging blockchain technologies
2018-06-29 Endava Ltd London, UNITED KINGDOM $75.0 mil.
 A leading next-generation technology services provider
2018-06-29 Walnut Street Group Holding Ltd Shanghai, CHINA $1,000.0 mil.
 An innovative and fast growing "new e-commerce" platform
2018-06-29 Opera Ltd Oslo, NORWAY $132.5 mil.
 One of the world’s leading browser providers
2018-06-29 Greenland Acquisition Corp. Beijing, $46.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2018-06-29 Aurora Mobile Ltd Shenzhen, Guangdong, CHINA $144.9 mil.
 A leading mobile big data solutions platform in China
2018-06-29 Tenable Holdings, Inc. Columbia, MD $100.0 mil.
 The first and only provider of solutions for a new category of cybersecurity
2018-06-29 Berry Petroleum Corp Bakersfield, CA $100.0 mil.
 An independent upstream energy company
2018-06-28 BioNano Genomics, Inc San Diego, CA $34.5 mil.
 A life sciences instrumentation company in the genome analysis space.
2018-06-28 Liquidia Technologies Inc Morrisville, NC $62.7 mil.
 A late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company
2018-06-27 Aquestive Therapeutics, Inc. Warren, NJ $69.0 mil.
 A specialty pharmaceutical company
2018-06-22 Cango Inc. Shanghai, CHINA $300.0 mil.
 A leading automotive transaction service platform in China
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