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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2015-01-21 Tankships Investment Holdings Inc. Athens, GREECE $100.0 mil.
 An international shipping company
2015-01-15 Franklin Financial Network Inc. Franklin,, TN $50.0 mil.
 A bank holding company
2015-01-13 Bellerophon Therapeutics LLC Hampton, NJ $69.0 mil.
 A clinical-stage therapeutics company
2015-01-09 Wowo Ltd Beijing, CHINA $40.0 mil.
 Operates one of China's leading third-party e-commerce platform
2015-01-09 Invitae Corp San Francisco, CA $86.3 mil.
 Brings comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medical practice
2015-01-09 Avenue Financial Holdings, Inc. Nashville, TN $30.0 mil.
 A single-bank holding company
2015-01-05 Great Ajax Corp. Beaverton, OK $100.0 mil.
 Acquires, invests in and manages a portfolio of re-performing and non-performing mortgage loan
2015-01-05 National Commerce Corp Birmingham, AL $50.0 mil.
 A bank holding company
2015-01-05 Northern Power Systems Corp. Barre, VT $30.0 mil.
 A growing provider of advanced renewable power creation and power conversion technology for the energy sector.
2014-12-30 Nexvet Biopharma plc Dublin, IRELAND $60.0 mil.
 A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company
2014-12-30 HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. Tucson, AZ $60.0 mil.
 Develops and markets a novel technology platform
2014-12-30 Spark Therapeutics, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $107.5 mil.
 A leader in the field of gene therapy
2014-12-30 Avinger Inc Redwood City, CA $74.3 mil.
 A commercial-stage medical device companya commercial-stage medical device company
2014-12-30 Inovalon Holdings, Inc. Bowie, MD $500.0 mil.
 A leading technology company
2014-12-29 BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Nes Ziona, ISRAEL $10.0 mil.
 A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company
2014-12-29 Shake Shack Inc. New York, NY $92.0 mil.
 A modern day "roadside" burger stand serving a classic American menu of premium burgers, hot dogs, crinkle-cut fries, shakes, fr
2014-12-29 Flex Pharma, Inc. Boston, MA $74.3 mil.
 A biotechnology company
2014-12-29 Carbylan Therapeutics, Inc. Palo Alto, CA $93.4 mil.
 A clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company
2014-12-29 Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. San Diego, CA $58.0 mil.
 A clinical stage biopharmaceutical company
2014-12-24 Hailiang Education Group Inc. Zhejiang Province, CHINA $20.0 mil.
 The third largest provider of private K-12 educational services in China
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