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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2023-01-10 NeurAxis, Inc. Carmel, IN N/A
 Developing neuromodulation therapies
2023-01-04 Kenvue Inc. Skillman, NJ N/A
 The world’s largest pure-play consumer health company
2022-12-30 Earlyworks Co., Ltd. Tokyo, JAPAN N/A
 A Japanese company operating private blockchain technology
2022-12-29 Bozhi Fanglue International Investment Group Co Shenzhen, CHINA N/A
 A digital business service planning SAAS platform
2022-12-29 IMMRSIV Inc. Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 An education and training software company
2022-12-29 Ruanyun Edal Technology Inc. Nanchang, CHINA N/A
 A data driven artificial intelligence, or A.I., technology company
2022-12-28 Galaxy Payroll Group Ltd Sheung Wan, HONG KONG N/A
 Provides payroll outsourcing services
2022-12-27 Merqueo Holdings Bogotá D.C., COLOMBIA N/A
 Latin America’s first vertically-integrated digital grocery retailer
2022-12-22 U Power Ltd Shanghai, CHINA N/A
 A vehicle sourcing service provider
2022-12-21 Hubeier Group Ltd. Guangdong, CHINA N/A
 Focuses on the development of bodily etiquette girl’s school
2022-12-20 QuantaSing Group Ltd Beijing, CHINA N/A
 The largest online learning service provider in China
2022-12-20 Xiao-I Corp Shanghai, CHINA N/A
 A holding company incorporated in the Cayman Islands.
2022-12-20 Gobal Earnings Capital Ltd. Shenzhen, CHINA N/A
 Provides investment banking services
2022-12-08 Scripps Safe, Inc. Naples, FL $15.0 mil.
 A pharmaceutical supply chain solutions company.
2022-12-07 AlphaTime Acquisition Corp New York, NY $60.0 mil.
 A newly incorporated blank check company
2022-12-06 Vinfast Trading & Investment Pte. Ltd. Hai Phong City, VIET NAM N/A
 An innovative, full-scale mobility platform
2022-12-06 Ohmyhome Ltd Singapore, MALAYSIA N/A
 A data and technology-driven property technology company
2022-12-02 Alchemy Investments Acquisition Corp 1 Newark, DE $100.0 mil.
 A newly-organized blank check company
2022-12-01 Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. San Diego, CA N/A
 A provider of Internet of Things (IoT) products, services and solutions.
2022-12-01 Pineapple Financial Inc. Ontario, CANADA N/A
 A Canadian-based mortgage technology and brokerage company
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