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Recent IPO Filings
Date Company Location Amount
2024-02-29 Neighpart International, Corp. Miami, FL $100.0 mil.
 Incorporates companies, as well as to identify possible expansion opportunities
2024-02-22 Mobile-health Network Solutions Singapore, SINGAPORE $12.9 mil.
 A leading telehealth solutions provider in Singapore
2024-02-22 Reddit, Inc. San Francisco, CA $715.0 mil.
 An American social news aggregation, content rating, and forum social network.
2024-02-21 Astera Labs, Inc. Santa Clara, CA $614.1 mil.
 A semiconductor company
2024-02-20 OrangeKloud Technology, Inc. Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 An Enterprise Mobile Solution Enabler
2024-02-08 Wellchange Holdings Co Ltd Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 An enterprise software solution services provider
2024-02-08 Green Circle Decarbonize Technology Ltd Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HONG KONG N/A
 A provider of advanced energy saving solutions
2024-02-08 JBDI Holdings Ltd Singapore, SINGAPORE N/A
 A supplier of new and reconditioned steel and plastic drums.
2024-02-07 QQJ Inc. Hangzhou, CHINA N/A
 An innovative e-commerce platform
2024-02-05 Black Hawk Acquisition Corp Danville, CA $69.0 mil.
 A blank check company
2024-02-05 Veg House Holdings Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL $5.00 mil.
 A plant-based e-commerce company
2024-02-02 ZenaTech, Inc. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA $7.10 mil.
 A leading hardware and software solutions provider
2024-02-01 XCHG Ltd Hamburg, GERMANY N/A
 Offers comprehensive EV charging solutions
2024-01-31 Plutus Financial Group Ltd Wan Chai, HONG KONG $10.5 mil.
 Provides financial services
2024-01-29 SKK Holdings Ltd Singapore, SINGAPORE $11.3 mil.
 A civil engineering service provider
2024-01-26 Semidux (Cayman) Holding Ltd Shenzhen, CHINA N/A
 A provider of products and services related to the metaverse computing infrastructure.
2024-01-26 Tesspay Inc. Fort Myers, FL N/A
 Develops a financial technology platform
2024-01-26 APRINOIA Therapeutics Inc. Cambridge, MA N/A
 A clinical-stage biotechnology company
2024-01-22 Juheying Intelligent Technology Ltd Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM N/A
 A new energy technology company
2024-01-18 BBB Foods Inc. Mexico City, MEXICO $572.2 mil.
 A pioneer and leader of the grocery hard discount model in Mexico
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